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5 of the BIGGEST mistakes people make when shopping for car insurance

by admin April 03, 2019

Dover, Delaware

From the perspective of an insurance agent I must say that this article had me a little flustered. I could go on for hours about the mistakes that people make when shopping for car insurance. Here are 5 of the BIGGEST mistakes people make when shopping for car insurance.

1. Rushing the process

Clients love to drive their cars but they hate doing all the paperwork and documentation necessary to drive legally! When shopping for car insurance, plan time for you and your agent to finish paperwork and for your insurance ID cards to be received. We all know how long a DMV trip can be and they definitely don’t do business online. Make sure you have enough time to get your vehicle, documents from your insurance company and to visit the dmv before it closes.

2. Shopping without a bank account

Not only do some insurance companies offer discounts to those who pay using bank accounts but you’ll speed the process up of getting your insurance! Make sure to have a bank account setup, one that is financially in good standing and can make automatic payments. This will keep your rates low and you car insurance shopping stress lower.

3. Trying to insure a vehicle that you do not own

Imagine getting into an accident and realizing that you are not covered because you do not own the vehicle! Clients have tried to insure partners or family members before but we always suggest against it. Make sure the car is in your name when you insure it, otherwise you’ll be very upset when you’re liable for any accident that vehicle may have!

4. Shopping without an email

Many companies give discounts for paperless billing. Set up an email account before you go to your insurance agent so that you can give them your email. This can save you up to 15% on your rates! The more you save the company, the more they save you.

5. Not comparing rates

Independent insurance agencies compare rates across multiple companies. Why stick to one company when you can have an agency shop around for you? A to Z Insurance has a reputation of getting its clients the lowest rates around. That’s because we do the shopping for you. Don’t spend countless hours filling out quote forms, get a quote with A to Z Insurance and we’ll find the rate you’re looking for. Click below to Get A Quote.