Trump Administration Releases Proposed Short-Term Regulation

Dover, Delaware


This morning, CMS released a proposed regulation titled “Short Term Limited Duration Insurance”. This proposed regulation seeks to roll back Obama regulations around short-term insurance, extending the maximum duration of coverage to less than 12 months (364 days for example). Currently, the maximum duration is three months.

CMS will accept comments on the proposed rule for 60 days. The new rule around short-term coverage would go into effect 60 days after the publication of the final rule – we estimate the effective date could be as early as July 1, 2018.

5 of the BIGGEST mistakes people make when shopping for car insurance

Dover, Delaware

From the perspective of an insurance agent I must say that this article had me a little flustered. I could go on for hours about the mistakes that people make when shopping for car insurance. Here are 5 of the BIGGEST mistakes people make when shopping for car insurance.

1. Rushing the process

Clients love to drive their cars but they hate doing all the paperwork and documentation necessary to drive legally! When shopping for car insurance, plan time for you and your agent to finish paperwork and for your insurance ID cards to be received. We all know how long a DMV trip can be and they definitely don’t do business online. Make sure you have enough time to get your vehicle, documents from your insurance company and to visit the dmv before it closes.

2. Shopping without a bank account

Not only do some insurance companies offer discounts to those who pay using bank accounts but you’ll speed the process up of getting your insurance! Make sure to have a bank account setup, one that is financially in good standing and can make automatic payments. This will keep your rates low and you car insurance shopping stress lower.

3. Trying to insure a vehicle that you do not own

Imagine getting into an accident and realizing that you are not covered because you do not own the vehicle! Clients have tried to insure partners or family members before but we always suggest against it. Make sure the car is in your name when you insure it, otherwise you’ll be very upset when you’re liable for any accident that vehicle may have!

4. Shopping without an email

Many companies give discounts for paperless billing. Set up an email account before you go to your insurance agent so that you can give them your email. This can save you up to 15% on your rates! The more you save the company, the more they save you.

5. Not comparing rates

Independent insurance agencies compare rates across multiple companies. Why stick to one company when you can have an agency shop around for you? A to Z Insurance has a reputation of getting its clients the lowest rates around. That’s because we do the shopping for you. Don’t spend countless hours filling out quote forms, get a quote with A to Z Insurance and we’ll find the rate you’re looking for. Click below to Get A Quote.

5 Tricks That Can Cut Your Car Insurance Rates

Philadelphia, PA 02/22/2018

In the world of car insurance we are all searching for ways to save money. With over 27 years of experience in the insurance industry, I can confidently tell you car insurance prices are rising and that’s not going to change anytime soon. But, even with prices rising, there are are few tricks you can use to keep your insurance rates low. Here are 5 tricks that can cut your car insurance rates!

1. Watch your credit score

Many people underestimate the importance of their credit score when it comes to getting insurance rates. As we enter into a new era of insurance pricing, more and more companies are using the credit score as a basis for the cost of your rate. Meet with a financial counselor early on or with an advisor who can point in the right direction to managing your finances and score properly. Be sure to pay your bills on time in order to keep your rates low!

2. Buy your car

Car dealerships will sell you a new car any day but it is important to note that when you are getting a new vehicle with financing attached to it you will also be required to obtain a minimum essential coverage that is demanded by the finance company. Some people may not need full coverage and therefore find themselves spending two or three times as much for a car on a monthly basis than they should. If you are saving money for a vehicle, be smart and purchase your vehicle outright and find one that fits your budget. This helps you save money on choosing the coverage that fits your budget and needs.

3. Follow the rules.

One way to save is to make sure you’re driving by the rules. Violations, tickets, accidents will all increase your insurance rates. If you already have one or a few of these, you can start using tip number 3 now! It may take some time, but every year you are free of any violations, your car insurance rates will drop. Encourage others to follow the rules as well. Did you know rates increase when the general community has more accidents? This is because insurance companies have to pay for these accidents, which brings their costs up and your rate along with it. So follow the rules and the road and you’ll see your rates drop in no time!

4. Defensive Driving

Defensive driving courses are a great way to get yourself 10-15% off of your insurance rates. If you have multiple parties in your family and you all take the course some insurance companies may grant you discounts for every certificate. Companies like A to Z Insurance can get you setup with a defensive driving course near you! Just click the get quote button below this blog or contact an agent on the A to Z Online website.

5. Compare rates

The best way to save money is to compare rates. Committing to a company that only sells one type of insurance is a good way to throw your dollar bills down the drain. At A to Z Insurance, we’re not only known for having the best car insurance rates around, but we compare rates across multiple companies. If you’re interested in comparing rates and cutting down that insurance payment, click the button below to get a quote!

Are you having trouble finding the best rate for you or someone you know? A to Z Insurance provides low car insurance rates in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania areas. Click Get A Quote below to see how we can cut your rates for you!

Why Its Critical To Educate Yourself on Your Insurance Policy

The reason why most people get stressed out about their insurance and/or purchasing a new insurance policy is because they aren’t educated about what they’re getting.

Angela Gaspar, an assistant office manager at A to Z Insurance, emphasized the importance of this.

“If you don’t educate yourself, you’re throwing money away,” Gaspar said.

When you’re purchasing new insurance, you should know exactly what you’re being covered for. A to Z Insurance and its employees are here to help you know just that.

“I actually like helping people,” Gaspar said in regards to her customers. “I like helping get people what they need.”



The Importance Of Insurance Education

When you purchase your insurance, or if you’re just looking at the insurance you already have, you need to be aware of what you’re actually covered for within your insurance. You need to make sure that you’re not just getting the ‘best deal’ because it’s cheaper, but getting covered for what you actually need.

“The bare minimum doesn’t always cover what you need,” Gaspar said.

Most people when they go to purchase a new policy try to get the cheapest option. But that option could end up costing them more money in the long-run.  

For example, when looking at car insurance, you need to take into account what kind of vehicle you own. If you have a newer car, you want a higher plan. You should know what your deductible is and not just take the cheapest option. If you get in a car accident, and you don’t have a high deductible, you will have to pay more money in the long run.

When purchasing insurance, don’t be afraid to ask your agent specific questions about what you’re getting. They will be more than happy to make sure you’re getting what you actually need from your insurance.

“I’ll give people what they want, but I’ll explain what they’re getting,” Gaspar said. “It does matter.”


Educate Yourself On Car Insurance

A to Z Insurance is dedicated to educating our customers and serving them with the best customer insurance in order to ensure that our customers are saving money while staying safe. Each plan we provide is catered to an individual’s needs and will allow all customers options. Getting insurance at A to Z Insurance is an easy process. You can visit us at one of our local offices in Delaware, call us at 1-888-721-2511, or visit our website. Educate yourself on your insurance by checking out all the plans at A to Z Insurance and get your quote today.


The Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Your Insurance

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You may be one of the many people making this mistake with your insurance. It’s an easy mistake to make, because you probably feel like you’re saving money. However, the money that you think you’re saving? You’re going to end up paying big time in the long run.

The mistake? Cancelling your insurance policy.

This may seem like a good idea at the time. Perhaps you’re going car-free for a short period of time and want to cancel your insurance to save money. While this may be an enticing idea, this will end up actually costing you more money.

Angela Gaspar, an assistant office manager at A to Z Insurance has seen this happen all too often.

“We unfortunately have a lot of customers that do this,” Gaspar said. “This mistake is costing people their money.”

If you cancel your policy, your insurance score will go up. This means that when you go back to get a new insurance (whether that be in a matter of months or years), your insurance cost will also go up.  

A gap in between your car insurance (no matter how long or short) can cause you to pay higher premiums in the future as this may flag you as a higher risk for insurance companies.

No matter where you go, your claims history will follow you. So if you are cancelling your policy due to a price increase, that increase will likely be the same elsewhere. Therefore, you will end up spending more money and getting more of a headache if you try to change or cancel policies for this reason.

However, if you kept your original insurance policy, you will build on your insurance company and you will save money by doing this. You will save money in the long-term if you do this.

While saving money in the short-run by cancelling your policy may seem like the right move at the time, it will end up being detrimental in the long-run.

“Cancelling your policy hurts more in the long run,” Gaspar said. “That actually hurts everyone.”

Not only does this practice result in you losing money, but it will also hurt the insurance company.

When a company issues a premium policy, the insurance company has to pay off that money. Therefore, if an individual cancels that policy, that’s losing the insurance company the money they were expecting to have for that period of time. Although one person doing this may not affect much, many people making this mistake can be harmful to the insurance companies and their customers.

In the end, you may be tempted to save money by cancelling your car insurance. If you are planning on making this decision, take a look at your options and be aware of what this could do to you in the future.

“If you don’t educate yourself, you’re throwing money away,” Gaspar said.

Don’t make the mistake of saving money now, only to pay more in the future. For more information about how you can save money on your insurance visit more of our blogs on this website!

7 Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance

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For many of us, purchasing car insurance can be a stressful experience due to our lack of knowledge in regards to insurance itself. It can be a complicated process, but if you educate yourself on your options, it doesn’t have to be. There are many small and big ways to save money on our car insurance out there that not everyone knows about.

Angela Gaspar, an assistant office manager at A to Z Insurance is a huge proponent of educating yourself on your insurance before you decide on a coverage plan.

“If you don’t educate yourself, you’re only throwing money away,” Gaspar siad.

Here are some steps that will help save you money on car insurance in the short and long run:

  • If you are a first-time insurance buyer, and if you are able to be on your parents insurance for at least six months before purchasing your own (you would have to be 26 or younger), that is the best option. This is advantageous, for it will help you with your insurance score and history.

  • When purchasing insurance, age makes a huge difference.

  • When providing you a quote for your car insurance, insurance companies take in account a few things. These things include your credit score, your insurance score, driving history, and insurance history.

  • Keep your policy. If you are thinking about dropping your policy, think again. If you keep building up on a standard policy, this will help save you money in the long run. Especially stray away from cancelling your insurance if you’re only planning to cancel it for a short time. This can be detrimental.

  • Go paperless. This will save you some money upfront, and it’s environmentally conscious, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

  • Take a Defensive Driving Course. The course only costs $14 and it is fully online. The course itself only lasts six hours (that you can complete on your own schedule), but the cost benefits will last you three years.

  • If you also have homeowner insurance, this will also help save you money on car insurance.

As you are purchasing car insurance another important thing to be cognisant of is what exactly you are being covered for. For example, you may be tempted to purchase the cheapest possible plan, but that plan might not include what you actually want.

“The bare minimum doesn’t always cover what you need,” Gaspar said.

Due to this, rethink what insurance plan you actually want and need. If you have a newer car, you want a higher plan. Another thing you should remember when purchasing your car insurance is that  when you’re looking at deductibles, you shouldn’t just take the cheapest option. If you take the cheapest deductible, you will be hurt even more when you get into a car accident, which is what insurance is for to begin with. If you get in a car accident with a low deductible, you will have to pay more money in the long run.

Purchasing car insurance can be a tricky road to maneuver, but these tips and tricks will make it easier for you and bring you more savings.

Checkout more tips and tricks on our site or click “Get A Quote” below to shop around!


Why This Insurance Agent’s Mission Is To Help You

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Independent Insurance Agent – Angela Gaspar

Agents at A to Z Insurance are dedicated to not only getting their clients the coverage they want, but to help their clients get the coverage they need.

Angela Gaspar, an Assistant Office Manager of A to Z Insurance does many things in her daily work life. Due to the fact that she is the only one currently in her office, she’s doing a little bit of everything. Gaspar works on deposits, renewals, following up on policies, helps transfer people to different offices.

In any given day, Gaspar approximately talks to over 20 people. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Gaspar is a people person, but more importantly, she likes helping other people.

“I actually like helping people. I like helping get people what they need,” Gaspar said. Gaspar made it clear that she wants to make sure that her customers are aware of their insurance plans and what they are being covered for. She emphasized the importance of education and knowing what you need before you sign up for the cheapest options.

“I’ll give people what they want, but I’ll explain what they’re getting,” Gaspar said. “ It does matter.”

Gaspar wants to make sure that customers are well aware of what they need and the best policy that fits them. She also wants to make sure that her customers are saving money whenever possible. To do this, she advises them on tips that will help lower their costs. For example, she promotes a Defensive Driving Course that helps save customers money for three years.

On top of educating her clients on ways to save money, Gaspar is also one of the only individuals in the office that speaks Spanish. Therefore, she has become a go-to translator for Hispanic customers.

As far as her personal goals, Gaspar strives to sell 60 plans a month to new customers that she hopes she can help get the best deals on their insurance. She wants to make sure that people understand the importance of insurance.

“It’s not just because it’s required,” Gaspar said. “but because it’s useful.”

To get your quote from A to Z Insurance and to start working with people like Gaspar, click “Get A Quote” below.