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Why This Insurance Agent’s Mission Is To Help You

by admin March 20, 2019

Independent Insurance Agent – Angela Gaspar

Agents at A to Z Insurance are dedicated to not only getting their clients the coverage they want, but to help their clients get the coverage they need.

Angela Gaspar, an Assistant Office Manager of A to Z Insurance does many things in her daily work life. Due to the fact that she is the only one currently in her office, she’s doing a little bit of everything. Gaspar works on deposits, renewals, following up on policies, helps transfer people to different offices.

In any given day, Gaspar approximately talks to over 20 people. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Gaspar is a people person, but more importantly, she likes helping other people.

“I actually like helping people. I like helping get people what they need,” Gaspar said. Gaspar made it clear that she wants to make sure that her customers are aware of their insurance plans and what they are being covered for. She emphasized the importance of education and knowing what you need before you sign up for the cheapest options.

“I’ll give people what they want, but I’ll explain what they’re getting,” Gaspar said. “ It does matter.”

Gaspar wants to make sure that customers are well aware of what they need and the best policy that fits them. She also wants to make sure that her customers are saving money whenever possible. To do this, she advises them on tips that will help lower their costs. For example, she promotes a Defensive Driving Course that helps save customers money for three years.

On top of educating her clients on ways to save money, Gaspar is also one of the only individuals in the office that speaks Spanish. Therefore, she has become a go-to translator for Hispanic customers.

As far as her personal goals, Gaspar strives to sell 60 plans a month to new customers that she hopes she can help get the best deals on their insurance. She wants to make sure that people understand the importance of insurance.

“It’s not just because it’s required,” Gaspar said. “but because it’s useful.”

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