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February 26, 2019 0

Sunshine WP

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On an average, office goers spend approximately 9 hours every day in the workplace. That is more than half your waking time!! The amount of time that you spend with your coworkers is almost as much as the amount you spend with your spouse or family.

Given that you spend so much time in the presence of coworkers and teammates, it is better to make friends with them rather than sitting isolated at your desk or cubicle. Plus, working with a friendly face has its own benefits. Various studies have revealed that work friendships boost employee satisfaction by nearly 50%. Employees are many times more likely to be fully engaged in their work. (Source)

  • Higher sense of belonging in the workplace
  • Have a support system whenever needed
  • Loneliness is alleviated leading to higher productivity and motivation
  • Less stress leads to happier and healthier individuals
  • Increased transparency between teammates

Companies have already recognized this need and try to support it through team building activities such as game rooms, corporate retreats, etc. Despite these initiatives, it is not always easy to make friends at work.